@Trendulkar almost owned the internet!



Yes, @Trendulkar had almost owned the internet today by trolling Pakistanis during Pakistan v/s Bangladesh match and also after that. He became all Nagarjuna and played the role of One Man Army at trolling. Thought of summarizing the whole trolling process. Here is how it all started:

  • Initially, during the match, he started posting some usual quips.


  • He started jesting some more jokes further and finally came up with this ultimate photo which was circulated on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp all over the country.


  • Further, he gave a clarification about the same:


  • When Afridi started hitting as a responsible Pakistani player:


  • Meanwhile, he kept on posting some more puns:


  • Trolling went on further and Pakistanis had already started abusing him:


  • Some more quips:


  • .. And, ‘below the belt’ stuff started..


  • Here he goes again..


  • Trolling continues and on its way to own the internet:


  • ..And this:


  • When none of the…

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Acceptance of Denial

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After an epic five-setter match, Novak Djokovic emerged after his defeat to Stan Wawrinka in the recently concluded Australian Open as a wise, old soul.  Despite the disappointment that laced his words, his effort and his levelled-up Karma points were there for all to see. The player’s words couldn’t have sounded more perfect to anyone who has had a fair fight and lost graciously.

    “There’s nothing I can say. I gave it my best, I gave it my all. It wasn’t to be this time.”

Defeat is a paradoxical little thing. Nothing can be more crushing and uplifting than a good, hard defeat. A ‘good’ fight brings along with it, the magnifying glass to search and rectify the chinks in your armour. A ‘hard’ fight takes away all that you have. Then it takes away some more.

“Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday.”

– Wilma Rudolph, Olympic Champion.

Curiously, defeats return with much more than what they take away from you. For the player who has put in his love, blood and sweat into his commitment, all that matters are the things that make him happy. Defeats, to him, are not just impediments that cause more than just doubts and fears in his mind. They deny him of the glory, only to empower him to find his feet and have yet another go.

His true transformation takes place only when he embraces grows beyond the consequences of his game, his statistics and his achievements. When he accepts the denial of his claim; when he accepts the defeat in his victories and the victories in his defeats, only then does he become a real champion.

The Impending Doom


Great mysteries push people to seek like-minded folk as much as any tourist in a foreign land, wanting to meet a ‘co-passenger’. This again, would highlight the longing to bond with another being as well satiate the inner-most urge of every man: to explore another being’s world and feel another life. Human dependencies and the intrinsic nature of our mind is to seek strength and solace in another being.

Most of us have friends. A few of us have companions. Even fewer are those who are actually themselves.It indeed is a steep task to remain oneself without being influenced by the world that we live in.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Insufficient recognition and a host of things which come with a ‘prejudiced’ tag makes us skeptical of even potentially life changing novel ideas. The fear of the future makes us retract from the very thought of taking risk. On retrospect, most of the things I end up hating are, in fact, things that I know not much about.

Original image: http://www.history.com/photos/world-war-ii-damage-and-destruction/photo2

Then, it was destruction of the world. Now what awaits us the destruction of our very own worlds.
June 1944, two boys overlooking the ruined remains of the village of St. Lo, France after the D-Day invasion of Normandy. (Photo Credit: Corbis)

Now where is all this leading to? The point I am trying to make here is simple: our insecurities and narrow-mindedness are causing more damage to our lives than actually tragedies a few unfortunate fellow human beings go through. People are slowly but surely becoming objects. Objects of interest. Considering the severe ‘interest crisis’ we would soon be going through… it would not be surprising to find disappointments and dejection plaguing the society we live in. The 2012 doomsday might have been a hoax call, but I am afraid of the ‘Doom-years’ that loom ahead of us.

Let us all grow up, broaden minds and be happy whenever we can.

The Barbs on the Fence


We have always been building walls around us, from the day we started thinking. We have been trained to create spaces from the boundaries we assign. We sometimes end up building our fences far too high and our walls far too thick. Narrow mindedness at times is just a consequence of our insecure existence. Rules and the ‘boundaries’ are more often than not, assigned by our guides who draw the lines based on a slew of prejudices and their own shortcoming and solidify the framework of ill-framed boundary decisions into young, gullible minds. Ambition is often killed in an environment where competition and comparison are the usual yardsticks to understand individual excellence.

It is all in our hands to take ourselves higher, to rise and elevate beyond the ordinary. Peers, naysayers and critics; armchair thinkers, philosophers and wannabes; the inferiors who deny and the superiors who scorn.. let us all forget them at this moment of time. They are the flecks of sand and dust that get in your eye when you are travelling.  I definitely would not want to be blinded by the tiniest of dust particles forever. I would rather buy a better helmet with a great visor and keep moving in the by-lanes of life.

Surely each one of us here wants to make a mark; a single indelible imprint on our loved ones, our hated ones and our deserted ones would often take up a lifetime of effort and dedication. All of us are human. as human as anyone who ever lived out there. We live, we dream, we fail, we resign to fate and we do end up blaming things and incidences on luck sometimes. We feel bad for our own losses, our own shortcomings and occasional inept decisions.

Let us put our heads together, live in a world where we create enough warmth, glow and happiness in an environment that is constantly trying to pull us down and telling things that would make us doubt ourselves.Let us be the high fliers in our own world of euphoria, our utopia, our world of endless possibilities and dreams. Let us forget the world we live in. Let us start living each emotion that we experience. We may not achieve most things that our icons and ideal heroes have left us with; instead of thinking achievement is not possible at that great a level, let us all think of our today, and now. Today’s experiences are tomorrow’s memories.

We may not end up with a million people worshipping us, but we may end up leading a contended, meaningful and a life filled with greatly enriching experiences. With minimal possible regrets, with due apologies to the people we might offend and paying due credits to the deserving, we will have wonderful tales to be told to our grand kids.

Lead not the chained lives, plagued by the comparisons or spent thinking of our own failures. Lead. Not the world, but yourself. Live free for a better today, everyday.

The Curious Case of.. Curiosity?


A friend of mine has this slightly annoying habit of questioning everything. I have been a part of his various deductions and insightful approaches to understanding the world we live in.

Like most of us, at some point in time or the other, I have wondered what is human. What makes us look forward to life and what makes us look back and learn from our mistakes. In one of those near-trippy rounds of thought, one word hit me: ‘Curious’. Curiosity makes you do so many things in life, from making you look into the jar of bourbon biscuits when you were a kid, to making you tread near water when you were warned not to. It’s the same thing that makes you stand out from the rest, making your career prospects better. Curiosity is the factor that makes you an interesting person; travelling, painting, venturing into little-known lands, are a few of the various manifestations of the very elixir of our lives: curiosity. In a world where a growing competition exists in making the simplest of things, one cannot avoid comparison.

Comparison is, after all, what makes you better than your peer. Yet, I hold on to the thought that no two people can ever be compared; and if at all they need to be scaled and judged to an extent, then curiosity would certainly be a big marker-cum-milestone. So, what makes us curious? I’m not sure. It’s the very reason that has taken us from pre-historic times to 2012; and we STILL are curious with the fire, right? We are all intrinsically built to grow. then why is the individual growth limited to just our judgement, measures and scales? Doesn’t it mean that every person is successful, given his situation, resources and the environment? Quoting Bon Jovi, ‘Welcome, to wherever you are; this is your life, you’ve made it this far…right here, right now, is exactly where you are supposed to be!’

Only when you are curious, you can be humble. Intrinsic, unquenchable and seemingly immortal, curiosity is what gives us the need to grow, to learn and the feeling that there is something we know not.

The Unnamed Article-I


A lot of thought goes into building a character. But where exactly does pain, loss and revenge chip in to make every individual different? What makes us human? And what makes us who we are? After spending a month over enthusiastic startups and ‘entrepreneurs’ (I don’t really like the way it is spelled, written and pronounced) and probably a million introspective minutes later, the answer came to me.

If you were to ask me the same question, what goes into building a character? I would say, ‘exposure’. The young rookie who even thinks that he has an outside chance, is the one willing to step put of his comfort zone. Exposure is the force that gives you the quintessential 360 degree understanding in the world we live in, exposure is the force that emboldens you and lures you out of your shell.

The Mad Man’s Madness

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Many are the routines which we unnecessarily put ourselves through; no matter how insignificant or irrelevant they may be. Sometimes situations that involve the world’s most unfortunate being:you, turn so caustic and unhelpful that you end up wondering at your own ability to screw up the best of the opportunities.

In the course of my undergraduate studies (which still is incomplete, by the way), there have been several incoherent thoughts and inexplicable situations which have ended up making me feel distraught and frustrated. I am rather embarrassed to confess that I’ve gone through ‘self-help’ books and ‘inspirational’ quotes. Stories and great deeds of ambition cannot be enough fuel for the person who wants to fly high. Unless of course, he can script his own tale and be a part of enough deeds to inspire the world of uncertainty that we live in.

When I look around for my peers, I find myself either laughing deliriously or cursing myself incessantly. Most of us are mechanically keyed spring toys, bound by routines, limited by our fears and dwarfed by human vanity. ‘The greatest source of energy comes from within’, says a Yoga exponent to his vast audiences on the national television. We always have to look up to someone to guide us, help us and spoon-feed us to success. While a part of us revel in such naivety, a significant other part tends to feed our greed. We are all irreverent fools. Well, most of us are!

In all these years that I’ve lived through, one thing has always been at the back of my mind: To live a life one wants to live, is a blessing bestowed on very few of us; and those lucky handful of people are immeasurably beautiful. By ‘beautiful’, I do not mean their physical features or attractiveness. By calling them ‘beautiful’, I mean their willingness, their energy and the boundless happiness they feel when they work. A life of balance and harmony; not weighed down by the guilt of the past, nor the burden of the present, nor the hope of tomorrow. I hope I will be blessed with such fortune, energy and enthusiasm,  some day.

The Roller Coaster Ride Begins.

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Plenty of web space has been lost to idiots writing about their experiences in the tumultuous world that we live in. Here’s one more addition to the ever-growing list of mindless blogs.

In a third-world country with ample chances to go ahead with the herd, to get lost in the little trials that  life throws up and to run around insignificant things that neither lead to victories, nor fulfilment. More often than not, our priorities,  vision and dreams lose all semblance of direction and effort when life’s travesties begin to take a toll on our happiness and survival.  Before we know it, we are left clutching at the straws of frugal achievements and failed campaigns. I believe that only when doing things which we are comfortable with, thoughts that have a clear resonance with our Inner Self, can we excel in the path we chose to traverse. As Benjamin Franklin puts it, “Some people die when they are 25, but are buried not till they are 75“.

Here I am, 20, full of the enthusiasm and drive that will surely take me to the peak of the ‘Observer Hill’, ready to witness various sunrises and glorious sunsets; many battles will be fought, too. The funny thing about battles is that its all in one’s head. Aren’t people  but mere pawns, creatures driven by desperation, hunger and a faith that plays to their need. Now, come to think of it, till we learn to fly..fly high above the mediocrity and escape the gravity of human pessimism, aren’t we all the Bill Murray ( in his brilliant portrayal in Groundhog Day) of our lives, running around like spring mechanised toy jokers, living the same day over and over again?

As Joseph Heller in his best-seller ‘Catch 22’ analyses the World War II scenario through the eyes of the self-declared lunatic Capt. John Yossarian might very well push the reader to the brink of immense introspection. Here, for instance, Yossarian speaks,  “ Let me see if I’ve got this straight: in order to be grounded, I’ve got to be crazy and I must be crazy to keep flying. But if I ask to be grounded, that means I’m not crazy any more and I have to keep flying. ” These words would definitely have had considerable impact on a large junta of the readers, with enough depth in each word to keep a thinking mind running.

For the keen eyes and the hunger to know more :

Groundhog Day– 1993 Movie- * ing Bill Murray and Ann MacDowell- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107048/ 

Catch-22 -Authored by Joseph Heller -1961 –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catch-22