The Mad Man’s Madness

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Many are the routines which we unnecessarily put ourselves through; no matter how insignificant or irrelevant they may be. Sometimes situations that involve the world’s most unfortunate being:you, turn so caustic and unhelpful that you end up wondering at your own ability to screw up the best of the opportunities.

In the course of my undergraduate studies (which still is incomplete, by the way), there have been several incoherent thoughts and inexplicable situations which have ended up making me feel distraught and frustrated. I am rather embarrassed to confess that I’ve gone through ‘self-help’ books and ‘inspirational’ quotes. Stories and great deeds of ambition cannot be enough fuel for the person who wants to fly high. Unless of course, he can script his own tale and be a part of enough deeds to inspire the world of uncertainty that we live in.

When I look around for my peers, I find myself either laughing deliriously or cursing myself incessantly. Most of us are mechanically keyed spring toys, bound by routines, limited by our fears and dwarfed by human vanity. ‘The greatest source of energy comes from within’, says a Yoga exponent to his vast audiences on the national television. We always have to look up to someone to guide us, help us and spoon-feed us to success. While a part of us revel in such naivety, a significant other part tends to feed our greed. We are all irreverent fools. Well, most of us are!

In all these years that I’ve lived through, one thing has always been at the back of my mind: To live a life one wants to live, is a blessing bestowed on very few of us; and those lucky handful of people are immeasurably beautiful. By ‘beautiful’, I do not mean their physical features or attractiveness. By calling them ‘beautiful’, I mean their willingness, their energy and the boundless happiness they feel when they work. A life of balance and harmony; not weighed down by the guilt of the past, nor the burden of the present, nor the hope of tomorrow. I hope I will be blessed with such fortune, energy and enthusiasm,  some day.


3 thoughts on “The Mad Man’s Madness

  1. I wish you are blessed with happiness and the courage to go for pursue and achieve all your dreams!
    A very well written and apt post.
    Keep writing!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. We all just seem to be a swarm of bees doing what the queen bee has instructed us to do day after day, without any questions. Hope you and I are blessed with the will to fight the mundane and make a mark in the world. 🙂

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