The Barbs on the Fence


We have always been building walls around us, from the day we started thinking. We have been trained to create spaces from the boundaries we assign. We sometimes end up building our fences far too high and our walls far too thick. Narrow mindedness at times is just a consequence of our insecure existence. Rules and the ‘boundaries’ are more often than not, assigned by our guides who draw the lines based on a slew of prejudices and their own shortcoming and solidify the framework of ill-framed boundary decisions into young, gullible minds. Ambition is often killed in an environment where competition and comparison are the usual yardsticks to understand individual excellence.

It is all in our hands to take ourselves higher, to rise and elevate beyond the ordinary. Peers, naysayers and critics; armchair thinkers, philosophers and wannabes; the inferiors who deny and the superiors who scorn.. let us all forget them at this moment of time. They are the flecks of sand and dust that get in your eye when you are travelling.  I definitely would not want to be blinded by the tiniest of dust particles forever. I would rather buy a better helmet with a great visor and keep moving in the by-lanes of life.

Surely each one of us here wants to make a mark; a single indelible imprint on our loved ones, our hated ones and our deserted ones would often take up a lifetime of effort and dedication. All of us are human. as human as anyone who ever lived out there. We live, we dream, we fail, we resign to fate and we do end up blaming things and incidences on luck sometimes. We feel bad for our own losses, our own shortcomings and occasional inept decisions.

Let us put our heads together, live in a world where we create enough warmth, glow and happiness in an environment that is constantly trying to pull us down and telling things that would make us doubt ourselves.Let us be the high fliers in our own world of euphoria, our utopia, our world of endless possibilities and dreams. Let us forget the world we live in. Let us start living each emotion that we experience. We may not achieve most things that our icons and ideal heroes have left us with; instead of thinking achievement is not possible at that great a level, let us all think of our today, and now. Today’s experiences are tomorrow’s memories.

We may not end up with a million people worshipping us, but we may end up leading a contended, meaningful and a life filled with greatly enriching experiences. With minimal possible regrets, with due apologies to the people we might offend and paying due credits to the deserving, we will have wonderful tales to be told to our grand kids.

Lead not the chained lives, plagued by the comparisons or spent thinking of our own failures. Lead. Not the world, but yourself. Live free for a better today, everyday.


6 thoughts on “The Barbs on the Fence

  1. Really interesting. What is evident is your ambition in being successful in life.
    You could try to explore the basis for these boundaries and limits. Of what I understand, boundaries are established to ensure a certain harmony in society and ensure a calm existence. Its only when these boundaries are used as a means of control and repression they become shackles. One must always fight prejudices and unimaginative thinking but a balance mustn’t be forgotten.
    Would love to hear more of your thoughts.

    1. Thank you Dheeraj, much appreciated! 🙂

      No arguments there, boundaries help ensuring a calm and harmonious society; and moreover boundaries give an individual his space, room and feeds his bucket of dreams and aspirations. All the problems start cropping up when one starts looking at boundaries as the measures of power, control and as you said, repression.

      Quoting Lennon, ‘Imagine there’s no country, nothing to live or die for’, which seems to be a very far-fetched thought indeed; we really need to look at the whole concept of boundaries from an aesthetic point of view instead of the cock-eyed and highly suspicious PoV we generally employ.

  2. The start to the article is really good and is continued with a great example of the helmet and the dust. But I feel the article could have been better with a couple of examples in the write up. And somewhere in between I feel you have partially strayed off from the topic. I think it would have surely been better if the article had examples of the instances where you found that the our mind sets and boundaries have been a cause for our own failures. But on the whole it is a great attempt 🙂 .

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