The Impending Doom


Great mysteries push people to seek like-minded folk as much as any tourist in a foreign land, wanting to meet a ‘co-passenger’. This again, would highlight the longing to bond with another being as well satiate the inner-most urge of every man: to explore another being’s world and feel another life. Human dependencies and the intrinsic nature of our mind is to seek strength and solace in another being.

Most of us have friends. A few of us have companions. Even fewer are those who are actually themselves.It indeed is a steep task to remain oneself without being influenced by the world that we live in.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Insufficient recognition and a host of things which come with a ‘prejudiced’ tag makes us skeptical of even potentially life changing novel ideas. The fear of the future makes us retract from the very thought of taking risk. On retrospect, most of the things I end up hating are, in fact, things that I know not much about.

Original image:

Then, it was destruction of the world. Now what awaits us the destruction of our very own worlds.
June 1944, two boys overlooking the ruined remains of the village of St. Lo, France after the D-Day invasion of Normandy. (Photo Credit: Corbis)

Now where is all this leading to? The point I am trying to make here is simple: our insecurities and narrow-mindedness are causing more damage to our lives than actually tragedies a few unfortunate fellow human beings go through. People are slowly but surely becoming objects. Objects of interest. Considering the severe ‘interest crisis’ we would soon be going through… it would not be surprising to find disappointments and dejection plaguing the society we live in. The 2012 doomsday might have been a hoax call, but I am afraid of the ‘Doom-years’ that loom ahead of us.

Let us all grow up, broaden minds and be happy whenever we can.


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