The Curious Case of.. Curiosity?


A friend of mine has this slightly annoying habit of questioning everything. I have been a part of his various deductions and insightful approaches to understanding the world we live in.

Like most of us, at some point in time or the other, I have wondered what is human. What makes us look forward to life and what makes us look back and learn from our mistakes. In one of those near-trippy rounds of thought, one word hit me: ‘Curious’. Curiosity makes you do so many things in life, from making you look into the jar of bourbon biscuits when you were a kid, to making you tread near water when you were warned not to. It’s the same thing that makes you stand out from the rest, making your career prospects better. Curiosity is the factor that makes you an interesting person; travelling, painting, venturing into little-known lands, are a few of the various manifestations of the very elixir of our lives: curiosity. In a world where a growing competition exists in making the simplest of things, one cannot avoid comparison.

Comparison is, after all, what makes you better than your peer. Yet, I hold on to the thought that no two people can ever be compared; and if at all they need to be scaled and judged to an extent, then curiosity would certainly be a big marker-cum-milestone. So, what makes us curious? I’m not sure. It’s the very reason that has taken us from pre-historic times to 2012; and we STILL are curious with the fire, right? We are all intrinsically built to grow. then why is the individual growth limited to just our judgement, measures and scales? Doesn’t it mean that every person is successful, given his situation, resources and the environment? Quoting Bon Jovi, ‘Welcome, to wherever you are; this is your life, you’ve made it this far…right here, right now, is exactly where you are supposed to be!’

Only when you are curious, you can be humble. Intrinsic, unquenchable and seemingly immortal, curiosity is what gives us the need to grow, to learn and the feeling that there is something we know not.